Part 1: Creating a Vitis HLS Package - 2022.1 English

Vitis Model Composer Tutorial (UG1498)

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2022.1 English
  1. Invoke Vitis HLS: Click Windows > Xilinx Design Tools > Vitis HLS 2022.1.
  2. Select Open Project in the welcome screen and navigate to the Vitis HLS project directory \HDL_Library\Lab2\C_code\hls_project as shown in the following figure.

  3. Click Select Folder to open the project.
  4. Expand the Source folder in the Explorer pane (left-hand side) and double-click the file MedianFilter.cpp to view the contents of the C++ file as shown in the following figure.

    This file implements a 2-Dimensional median filter on 3x3 window size.

  5. Synthesize the source file by right-clicking on solution1 and selecting C Synthesis > Active Solution as shown in the following figure.

    When the synthesis completes, Vitis HLS displays the following message on the console:
    Finished C synthesis

    Now you will package the source for use in Vitis Model Composer.

  6. Click OK on the C Synthesis Active Solution window.
  7. Right-click solution1 and select Export RTL.
  8. Set Format Selection to Vivado IP for System Generator as shown in the following figure and click OK.

    When the Export RTL process completes, Vitis HLS displays this message:

    Finished export RTL
  9. Exit Vitis HLS.