FIR Struct Parameter Values - 2021.1 English

Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2021.1 English

The following table covers all features and functionality of the FIR IP. Features and functionality not described in this table are not supported in the Vitis HLS implementation.

Table 1. FIR Struct Parameter Values
Parameter C Type Default Value Valid Values
input_width unsigned 16 No limitation
input_fractional_bits unsigned 0 Limited by size of input_width
output_width unsigned 24 No limitation
output_fractional_bits unsigned 0 Limited by size of output_width
coeff_width unsigned 16 No limitation
coeff_fractional_bits unsigned 0 Limited by size of coeff_width
num_coeffs bool 21 Full
coeff_sets unsigned 1 1-1024
input_length unsigned 21 No limitation
output_length unsigned 21 No limitation
num_channels unsigned 1 1-1024
total_num_coeff unsigned 21 num_coeffs * coeff_sets
coeff_vec[total_num_coeff] double array None Not applicable
filter_type unsigned single_rate single_rate, interpolation, decimation, hilbert_filter, interpolated
rate_change unsigned integer integer, fixed_fractional
interp_rate unsigned 1 1-1024
decim_rate unsigned 1 1-1024
zero_pack_factor unsigned 1 1-8
rate_specification unsigned period frequency, period
hardware_oversampling_rate unsigned 1 No Limitation
sample_period bool 1 No Limitation
sample_frequency unsigned 0.001 No Limitation
quantization unsigned integer_coefficients integer_coefficients, quantize_only, maximize_dynamic_range
best_precision unsigned false



coeff_structure unsigned non_symmetric inferred, non_symmetric, symmetric, negative_symmetric, half_band, hilbert
output_rounding_mode unsigned full_precision full_precision, truncate_lsbs, non_symmetric_rounding_down, non_symmetric_rounding_up, symmetric_rounding_to_zero, symmetric_rounding_to_infinity, convergent_rounding_to_even, convergent_rounding_to_odd
filter_arch unsigned systolic_multiply_accumulate systolic_multiply_accumulate, transpose_multiply_accumulate
optimization_goal unsigned area area, speed
inter_column_pipe_length unsigned 4 1-16
column_config unsigned 1 Limited by number of DSP macrocells used
config_method unsigned single single, by_channel
coeff_padding bool false false