Setting Up the Environment - 2021.1 English

Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2021.1 English

Check the environment setup as shown in the following table.

Table 1. Debugging Environment Setup
Questions Actions to Take
Are you using a third-party simulator?

Ensure the path to the simulator executable is specified in the system search path.

When using the Vivado simulator, you do not need to specify a search path.

Ensure that you have compiled the simulation libraries as discussed in Simulating IP Cores.

Are you running Linux? Ensure that your setup files (for example .cshrc or .bashrc) do not have a change directory command. When C/RTL co-simulation starts, it spawns a new shell process. If there is a cd command in your setup files, it causes the shell to run in a different location and eventually C/RTL co-simulation fails.