Adding and Creating Simulation Source Files - 2020.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide System-Level Design Entry (UG895)

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2020.2 English
  1. Select File > Add Sources.
    Note: Alternatively, select Add Sources from the right-click menu or from the Flow Navigator.
  2. In the Add Sources wizard select Add or Create Simulation Sources, and click Next. In the Add or Create Simulation Sources dialog box, set the following options, and click Finish.
    Figure 1. Add Sources Wizard—Add or Create Simulation Sources Page

    Specify Simulation Set
    Enters the name of the simulation set to put test bench files and directories. Select the Create Simulation Set option from the drop-down menu to define a new simulation set.
    Add Files
    Click the '+' sign and select Add Files from the drop-down menu to open a file browser so you can select simulation source files to add to the project.
    Add Directories
    Opens a directory browser to add all simulation source files from the selected directories. Files in the specified directory with valid source file extensions are added to the project.
    Create File
    Opens the Create Source File dialog box in which you can create new simulation source files.
    Removes the selected source files from the list of files to be added.
    Move Up/Move Down
    Moves the file up/down in the list order.
    This column specifies the library for an added file or directory by selecting one from the currently defined library names, or specify a new library name by typing in the Library text field.
    Note: This option applies to VHDL files only. By default, HDL sources are added to the xil_defaultlib library. You can create or reference additional user VHDL libraries as needed. For Verilog and SystemVerilog files, leave the library set to xil_defaultlib.
    Scan and Add RTL Include Files into Project
    Scans the added RTL files and adds any referenced include files.
    Copy Sources into Project
    Copies the original source files into the project and uses the local copied version of the file in the project.
    Note: If you add directories of source files using the Add Directories command, the directory structure is maintained when the files are copied locally into the project. For more information, see Using Remote Sources or Copying Sources into Project.
    Add Sources from Subdirectories
    Adds source files from the subdirectories of directories specified in the Add Directories option.
    Include all design sources for simulation
    Copy all design source files from the sources_1 fileset into the simulation fileset.