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Versal ACAP Design Guide (UG1273)

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2020.2 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
03/26/2021 Version 2020.2
System Planning Moved content to Versal ACAP System and Solution Planning Methodology Guide (UG1504).
System Design Types Added new section.
Design Flows Updated with information on traditional and platform-based design flows.
02/04/2021 Version 2020.2
Application Mapping and Design Partitioning Added sections on design partitioning.
Debug Interfaces Added new section.
Design Closure Added details on design closure.
Logic Simulation Using SystemC Models Added new section.
MRMAC Added new section.
Security Updated table.
12/04/2020 Version 2020.2
NoC Added information the NPI.
Design Flows Updated with information on the main design flows and Versal™ ACAP support for each.
Vivado Tools Design Flow Updated information on the block design flow and RTL design flow.
I/O Planning Added information on MIO and EMIO.
Power Closure Added new section.
Simulation Flows Moved to Vitis™ Environment Design Flow section.
Boot Image Generation Added commands for PDI generation.
GT Added information on block automation.
Power and Error Handling Added information on power islands.
PCIe Subsystems Updated migration information.
Boot and Configuration Moved to System Migration chapter.
Clocking Added new section.
Primitives Added VHDL examples.
Block RAM Primitives Added information on XPM inference.
UltraRAM Primitives Added information on XPM inference.
Coding Style and Primitive Instantiation Examples Added new section.
07/14/2020 Version 2020.1
Initial release N/A