Vitis AI Runtime - 1.4.1 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.4.1 English

The Vitis AI runtime enables applications to use the unified high-level runtime API for both Cloud and Edge making Cloud-to-Edge deployments seamless and efficient.

Following are the features for the AI runtime API:

  • Asynchronous submission of jobs to the accelerator
  • Asynchronous collection of jobs from the accelerator
  • C++ and Python implementations
  • Support for multi-threading and multi-process execution

The Vitis AI Runtime (VART) is the next generation runtime suitable for devices based on DPUCZDX8G, DPUCADF8H, DPUCAHX8H, DPUCVDX8G, and DPUCVDX8H.

  • DPUCZDX8G is used for Edge devices, such as the ZCU102 and the ZCU104 evaluation boards, and the KV260 starter kit.
  • DPUCADX8G and DPUCADF8H are used for Cloud devices, such as the Alveo U200 and U250 cards.
  • DPUCAHX8H is used for Cloud devices, such as the Alveo U50, U50LV, and U280 cards.
  • DPUCVDX8G is used for the Versal evaluation boards, such as the VCK190 board.
  • DPUCVDX8H is used for the Versal ACAP VCK5000 board.

The framework of VART is shown in the following figure. For this Vitis AI release, VART is based on the XRT. XIR is the Xilinx Intermediate Representation.

Figure 1. VART Stack