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Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.4.1 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
11/15/2021 Version 1.4.1
Quantizing the Model Updated vai_q_tensorflow2 Supported Operations and APIs section
07/22/2021 Version 1.4
Vitis AI Overview Added Versal AI Core Series: DPUCVDX8G section
TensorFlow 2.x Version (vai_q_tensorflow2) Added vai_q_tensorflow2 Quantization Aware Training, Quantizing with Custom Layers, and vai_q_tensorflow2 Usage sections
PyTorch Version (vai_q_pytorch) Updated vai_q_pytorch QAT
Deploying and Running the Model Updated Apache TVM, Microsoft ONNX Runtime, and TensorFlow Lite
Profiling the Model Added Text Summary

Updated VAI Trace Usage

02/03/2021 Version 1.3
Entire document Updated links
12/17/2020 Version 1.3
Entire document Minor changes
Deep-Learning Processor Unit Added new topics: Alveo U200/U250 Card: DPUCADF8H, Alveo U50/U50LV/U280 Card: DPUCAHX8L, and Versal AI Core Series: DPUCVDX8G.
TensorFlow 2.x Version (vai_q_tensorflow2) Added new section
PyTorch Version (vai_q_pytorch) Added new topics: Module Partial Quantization, vai_q_pytorch Fast Finetuning, and vai_q_pytorch QAT.
Compiling the Model Added new section: Compiling with an XIR-based Toolchain.
Integrating the DPU into Custom Platforms Added new chapter.
VART Programming APIs Added new section: VART APIs.
07/21/2020 Version 1.2
Entire document Minor changes
07/07/2020 Version 1.2
Entire document
  • Added Vitis AI Profiler topic.
  • Added Vitis AI unified API introduction.
DPU Naming Added new topic
Getting Started Updated the chapter
03/23/2020 Version 1.1
DPUCAHX8H Added new topic
Entire document Added contents for Alveo U50 support, U50 DPUV3 enablement, including compiler usage and model deployment description.