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Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.4.1 English

It is recommended to use a configuration file to record trace options for vaitrace. You can start a trace with configuration by using vaitrace -c trace_cfg.json.

Configuration priority: Configuration File > Command Line > Default.

Here is an example of vaitrace configuration file.

  "trace": {
      "enable_trace_list": ["vitis-ai-library", "vart", "custom"],
      "trace_custom": []
Table 1. Contents of the Configuration File
Key Name Value Type Description
options object Vaitrace options.
trace object  
  enable_trace_list list Built-in trace function list to be enabled, available value "vitis-ai-library", "vart", “opencv”, "custom", custom for function in trace_custom list.
trace_custom   list The list of functions to be traced that are implemented by user. For the name of function, naming space are supported. You can see an example of using custom trace function later in this document.