VAI Trace Usage - 1.4.1 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.4.1 English

Command Line Usage

# vaitrace --help
usage: Xilinx Vitis AI Trace [-h] [-c [CONFIG]] [-d] [-o [TRACESAVETO]] [-t [TIMEOUT]] [-v]

  cmd		      Command to be traced
  -b                 Bypass mode, just run command and by pass vaitrace, for debug use
  -c [CONFIG]        Specify the configuration file
  -o [TRACESAVETO]   Save trace file to
  -t [TIMEOUT]       Tracing time limitation, default value is 30 for vitis analyzer format, and 5 for .xat format
  --txt              Display txt summary
  --fine_grained     Fine-grained mode

Following are some important and frequently-used arguments:

cmd is your executable program of Vitis AI that wants to be traced.
Controlling the tracing time (in seconds) starting from the [cmd] being launched, the default value is 30. In other words, if no -t is specified for vaitrace, the tracing will stop after [cmd] running for 30 seconds. The [cmd] will continue to run as normal, but it will stop collecting tracing data.
You can start a tracing with more custom options by writing these options on a JSON configuration file and specify the configuration by -c. Details of configuration file will be explained in the next section.
Location of the report. This is only available for the text summary mode. By default, the test summary will output to STDOUT.
Output text summary. vaitrace does not generate a report for the Vitis Analyzer in this mode.
Start trace in the fine grained mode. This mode generates a mass of trace data and the trace time is limited to 10 seconds.

Others arguments are used for debugging.