Installing Vitis AI Runtime on the Evaluation Board - 1.4.1 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.4.1 English

To improve the user experience, the Vitis AI Runtime packages, VART samples, Vitis-AI-Library samples and models have been built into the board image. The examples are pre-compiled. Therefore, you do not need to install Vitis AI Runtime packages and model package on the board separately. However, you can still install the model or Vitis AI Runtime on your own image or on the official image by following these steps.

Establish an Ethernet connection and copy the Vitis™ AI runtime (VART) package from GitHub to the evaluation board. Then, set up a Vitis AI running environment for the ZCU102 board.

  1. Download the vitis-ai-runtime-1.4.x.tar.gz from here. Untar it and copy the following files to the board using scp.
    tar -xzvf vitis-ai-runtime-1.4.x.tar.gz
    scp -r vitis-ai-runtime-1.4.x/aarch64/centos root@IP_OF_BOARD:~/
    Note: You can take the rpm package as a normal archive, and extract the contents on the host side, if you only need some of the libraries. Only model libraries can be independent, while the others are common libraries. The operation command is as follows.
    rpm2cpio libvart-1.4.0-r<x>.aarch64.rpm | cpio -idmv
  2. Log in to the board using ssh. You can also use the serial port to log in.
  3. Install the Vitis AI runtime. Execute the following commands in order.
    cd ~/centos
    You can also execute the following command to install the library one by one.
    cd ~/centos
    rpm -ivh --force libunilog-1.4.0-r<x>.aarch64.rpm
    rpm -ivh --force libxir-1.4.0-r<x>.aarch64.rpm
    rpm -ivh --force libtarget-factory-1.4.0-r<x>.aarch64.rpm
    rpm -ivh --force libvart-1.4.0-r<x>.aarch64.rpm
    rpm -ivh --force libvitis_ai_library-1.4.0-r<x>.aarch64.rpm

    After the installation is complete, the Vitis AI Runtime library will be installed under /usr/lib.