Starting a Simple Trace with vaitrace - 1.4.1 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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1.4.1 English
The following example uses VART ResNet50 sample:
  1. Download and set up Vitis AI.
  2. Start testing and tracing.
    • For C++ programs, add vaitrace in front of the test command as follows:
      # cd ~/Vitis_AI/examples/VART/samples/resnet50
      # vaitrace ./resnet50 /usr/share/vitis_ai_library/models/resnet50/resnet50.xmodel
    • For Python programs, add -m vaitrace_py to the Python interpreter command as follows:
      # cd ~/Vitis_AI/examples/VART/samples/resnet50_mt_py
      # python3 -m vaitrace_py ./ 2 /usr/share/vitis_ai_library/models/resnet50/resnet50.xmodel

    vaitrace and XRT generates some files in the working directory.

  3. Copy all .csv files and xclbin.ex.run_summary to your system. You can open the xclbin.ex.run_summary using vitis_analyzer 2020.2 and above:
    • If using the command line, run # vitis_analyzer xclbin.ex.run_summary.
    • If using the GUI, select File > Open Summary > xclbin.ex.run_summary.

To know more about the Vitis Analyzer, see Using the Vitis Analyzer.