vitis::ai::FaceQuality5ptResult - 1.4.1 English

Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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1.4.1 English
The struct of result returned by the facequality5pt network.


typedef struct
  int width,
  int height,
  float score,
  std::array< std::pair< float, float >, 5 > points
} vitis::ai::FaceQuality5ptResult;
Table 1. Structure vitis::ai::FaceQuality5ptResult member description
Member Description
width Width of a input image.
height Height of a input image.

The quality of face. The value range is from 0 to 1. If the option "original_quality" in the model prototxt is false, it is a normal mode. If the option "original_quality" is true, the quality score can be larger than 1, this is a special mode only for accuracy test.


Five key points coordinate. An array of <x,y> has five elements where x and y are normalized relative to input image columns and rows. The value range is from 0 to 1.