do_pointpillar_display - 1.4.1 English

Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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1.4.1 English

Function to produce the visible result from PointPillarsResult after calling run(). This is a helper function which can be ignored if you wants to process the PointPillarsResult using another method.


void do_pointpillar_display(PointPillarsResult &res, int flag, DISPLAY_PARAM &dispp, cv::Mat &rgb_map, cv::Mat &bev_map, int width, int height, ANNORET &annoret)=0;


The following table lists the do_pointpillar_display function arguments.

Table 1. do_pointpillar_display Arguments
Type Name Description
PointPillarsResult & res [input] PointPillarsResult from run().
int flag [input] which visible result to produce. can be assigned to below values: E_BEV : only produce BEV picture E_RGB : only produce RGB picture E_BEV|E_RGB : produce both pictures
DISPLAY_PARAM & dispp [input] display parameter for the Points data. Refer to the readme in the overview for more detail.
cv::Mat & rgb_map [input|output] : original rgb picture for drawing detect result. It can be blank (cv::Mat{}), if only BEV is required
cv::Mat & bev_map [input|output] original bev picture for drawing detect result. It can be blank (cv::Mat{}), if only RGB required
int width [input] original rgb picture width.
int height [input] original rgb picture height.
ANNORET & annoret [output] return the annoret variable for accuracy calculation.