Installing the Deployment Software

Alveo X3522 Installation Guide (UG1522)

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This section details the procedures for installing deployment software on RedHat/CentOS and Ubuntu operating systems:

  • This software is required to convert an X3522 low latency network adapter to an X3522PV adaptable accelerator card.
  • This software is not required if you are not converting between cards, or if you are using an X3522PV adaptable accelerator card.

All software installations use standard Linux RPM and Linux DEB packages and require root access.

The deployment software consists of the following software package:

Xilinx Runtime (XRT)
XRT provides the libraries and drivers for an application to run on AMD Alveo™ cards and also includes xbutil and xbmgmt utilities. Utility command line help can always be obtained using the --help option.

You can download the XRT installation package from the product website (see Product Website).

If you encounter any issues during installation, see Troubleshooting and Known Issues.

Important: Root access is required for all software and firmware installations.
Important : L'accès Root est requis pour toutes les installations logicielles et firmware.
Wichtig: Root-Zugriff ist für alle Software- und Firmware-Installationen erforderlich.