Create the Connection

Alveo X3522 Installation Guide (UG1522)

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Use the nmcli command to create a connection for the interface:

  1. Get a list of network connections:
    # nmcli connection show
    NAME      UUID                                  TYPE            DEVICE
    eno1      385c33a0-1980-4721-b052-b06827f4b496  802-3-ethernet  eno1
    enp1s0f0  b625586a-b82c-b82f-f16c-e1bf600c7751  802-3-ethernet  enp1s0f0
    enp1s0f1  c133f197-d25e-a27d-acd8-cf2eda286822  802-3-ethernet  enp1s0f1
    virbr0    1672bdeb-3925-43d3-a559-65fdd7f7cff7  bridge          virbr0
  2. Look in the DEVICE column for the X3522 interface (see Determine Interface Names).
    • If the interface is not present in the list (which is expected for the X3522), create a connection for it, with its NAME set to the name of the interface:
      # nmcli connection add type ethernet ifname <interface> con-name <interface>

      where <interface> is the X3522 interface. For example:

      # nmcli connection add type ethernet ifname enp1s0f2 con-name enp1s0f2
  3. If the interface is already present in the list (which is probable for the link partner), instead note the NAME of the connection, and bring the connection down:
    # nmcli connection down '<NAME>'

    For example:

    # nmcli connection down 'enp1s0f0'
Note: Each NAME and DEVICE are identical in the previous example, but this is not always so.