Alveo X3522 Installation Guide (UG1522)

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The Alveo X3522 is a single slot, half length, half height form factor passively cooled card that brings low latency networking and compute acceleration to a single platform.

It uses an XCUX35 FPGA (XCUX35-3VSVA1365E). It has two DSFP28 network connections and a PCI Express® Gen4 ×8 / Gen3 ×8 interface connected to the XCUX35. Each DSFP28 cage supports two ports via a shared PF, currently at 10 GbE, with 25 GbE support to follow. See Figure 1.

The shell provides the user with the PCIe link and management functions necessary to operate and program the card.

X3522 Low Latency Network Adapter

In this variant, low-latency network interface card functionality is enabled by a software-defined network interface controller (SoftNIC) in the shell. The SoftNIC provides network acceleration capabilities.

X3522PV Adaptable Accelerator Card

This variant is suitable for customers using the card purely as a vehicle to have a PCIe-attached FPGA for a Vivado-based workflow. For example, it can be used for trading acceleration or compute offload applications.