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Alveo X3522 Installation Guide (UG1522)

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The drivers are provided in two package formats. Choose the appropriate format to use:

  • Source RPM packages, recommended for Red Hat.

    To install a driver from a source RPM package, the source RPM must be built into a binary RPM, specific to the OS distribution and kernel that is in use. The binary RPM must then be installed and loaded.

    To use this format, see Install from RPM Packages.

  • DKMS Debian packages, recommended for Ubuntu.

    Dynamic Kernel Module Support is a framework where device driver source can reside outside the kernel source tree. This supports an easy method to rebuild modules when kernels are upgraded.

    To use this format, see Install from DKMS Debian Packages.

Important: The X3522 should be physically installed in the host computer before installing the network driver. The user must have root permissions to install the network drivers.
Important : La carte X3522 doit être physiquement installé dans l'ordinateur hôte avant l’installation du réseau pilote. L'utilisateur doit disposer des autorisations root pour installer le reseau pilote.
Wichtig: Installieren Sie den X3522 Karte im Host-Rechner bevor Sie mit der Installation des Netzwerktreibers beginnen. Zur Installation des Treibers muss der Benutzer über Root-Privilegien verfügen.