Attaching a Fiber Optic Cable

Alveo X3522 Installation Guide (UG1522)

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Warning: Do not look directly into the fiber transceiver or cables as the laser beams can damage your eyesight.
Avertissement : Ne regardez pas directement dans l'émetteur-récepteur à fibre optique ou les câbles car les faisceaux laser peuvent endommager votre vue.
Warnung: Schauen Sie nicht direkt in den Faser-Transceiver oder die Kabel, da die Laserstrahlen Ihr Sehvermögen schädigen können.

To attach a fiber optic cable:

  1. Remove and save the fiber optic connector cover.
  2. Insert a fiber optic cable into the ports on the network adapter bracket as shown. Most connectors and ports are keyed for proper orientation. If the cable you are using is not keyed, check to be sure the connector is oriented properly (transmit port connected to receive port on the link partner, and vice versa).

See the following figure.

Figure 1. Attaching a Fiber Optic Cable