HDMI 2.1 Receiver Subsystem v1.2 Product Guide (PG351)

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1.2 English

This interrupt is triggered every time a stream is detected and the /HDMI GT Subsystem HDMI PHY Controller /HDMI GT Subsystem is stabilized for the HDMI 2.1 RX Subsystem to start stream locking.

The callback function must perform the following steps:

  1. Retrieve the video stream information.
    XVidC_VideoStream *XV_HdmiRxSs1_GetVideoStream(XV_HdmiRxSs1 *InstancePtr);
  2. Calculate the HDMI MMCM parameter based on the video stream information received.
    u32 XHdmiphy1_HdmiCfgCalcMmcmParam(XHdmiphy1 *InstancePtr, 
                                       u8 QuadId,
                                       XHdmiphy1_ChannelId ChId,
                                       XHdmiphy1_DirectionType Dir,
                                       XVidC_PixelsPerClock Ppc, 
                                       XVidC_ColorDepth Bpc);
  3. Enable the /HDMI GT Subsystem HDMI PHY Controller /HDMI GT Subsystem to start the MMCM.
    void XHdmiphy1_MmcmStart(XHdmiphy1*InstancePtr, 
                             u8 QuadId, 
                             XVphy_DirectionType Dir);


    • InstancePtr is a pointer to the XVphy core instance.
    • QuadId is the GT quad ID to operate on.
    • Dir is an indicator for TX or RX.
    Note: QuadId is not used and should be set to 0.

    For example:

    XHdmiphy1_MmcmStart(&Hdmiphy1, 0, XHDMIPHY1_DIR_RX);