Video Resolutions - 1.2 English

HDMI 2.1 Receiver Subsystem v1.2 Product Guide (PG351)

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1.2 English

The following figure shows the hardware setup for the AXI4-Stream video Interface. An HDMI source connects to HDMI PHY Controller /HDMI GT Subsystem, which converts the HDMI Video into LINK DATA and sends to the HDMI RX Subsystem. Then, the HDMI RX Subsystem translates the LINK DATA into AXI4-Stream Video and sends to the Test Pattern Generator. By setting the Test Pattern Generator to pass-through mode, the AXI4-Stream Video from the HDMI RX Subsystem is passed to the HDMI TX Subsystem where it gets translated to LINK DATA again and sends back to the HDMI PHY Controller/HDMI GT Subsystem. The /HDMI GT Subsystem/HDMI PHY Controller /HDMI GT Subsystem then converts it back to HDMI Video and sends to the HDMI Sink.

Figure 1. Test Setup for AXI4-Stream Video Interface

For HDMI PHY Controller/HDMI GT Subsystem settings and PLL selections, see the HDMI PHY Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG333) / HDMI GT Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG334) .

The following tables show the video resolutions that were tested as part of the release for different video formats.