Package Parameter Guidelines

Versal Prime Series Data Sheet: DC and AC Switching Characteristics (DS956)

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The parameters in this section provide the necessary values for calculating timing budgets for clock transmitter and receiver data-valid windows.

Table 1. Package Skew
Symbol Description Device Package Value Units
PKGSKEW Package Skew 1, 2 XCVM1102 SFVA784 103 ps
XQVM1102 SFRA784   ps
XCVM1302 NBVB1024 160 ps
NSVF1369 135 ps
VFVC1596 132 ps
VSVD1760 289 ps
XCVM1402 NBVB1024 165 ps
NSVF1369 162 ps
VFVC1596 132 ps
VSVD1760 312 ps
XQVM1402 VSRC1596 132 ps
VSRD1760 312 ps
XCVM1502 NFVB1369 254 ps
VFVC1760 221 ps
VSVA2197 137 ps
XQVM1502 VSRA2197 137 PS
XCVM1802 VFVC1760 214 ps
VSVD1760 211 ps
VSVA2197 111 ps
XQVM1802 VSRD1760 211 ps
VSRA2197 111 ps
XCVM2202 NSVH1369 164 ps
XCVM2302 VFVF1760 83 ps
XCVM2502 VSVI1760 229 ps
XCVM2902 VFVF1760 85 ps
  1. These values represent the worst-case skew between any two SelectIO resources in the package: shortest delay to longest delay from die pad to ball.
  2. Package delay information is available for these device/package combinations. This information can be used to deskew the package.