AC Switching Characteristics

Versal Prime Series Data Sheet: DC and AC Switching Characteristics (DS956)

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All values represented in this data sheet are based on the speed specifications in the AMD Vivado™ Design Suite as outlined in the following table.

Table 1. Speed Specification Version by Device
2023.2.2 Device
2.12 XCVM1802, XQVM1802
2.04 XCVM1502, XQVM1502, XCVM2502
2.03 XCVM1302, XCVM1402, XQVM1402
2.02 XCVM2302, VCVM2902
2.01 XCVM2202
2.00 XCVM1102

Switching characteristics are specified on a per-speed-grade basis and can be designated as evaluation, engineering sample, pre-production, or production. Each designation is defined as follows:

Evaluation Product Specification
These specifications are used for architecture evaluation only. They cannot be used for timing closure.
Engineering Sample Product Specification
These specifications are based on simulations only and are typically available soon after dice design specifications are frozen. Although speed grades with this designation are considered relatively stable and conservative, some under-reporting might still occur.
Pre-production Product Specification
These specifications are based on almost complete silicon characterization. Dice and speed grades with this designation are intended to give a better indication of the expected performance of production silicon. The probability of under-reporting delays is greatly reduced as compared to engineering sample (ES) data.
Production Product Specification
These specifications are released once enough production silicon of a particular dice family member has been characterized to provide full correlation between specifications and dices over numerous production lots. There is no under-reporting of delays, and customers receive formal notification of any subsequent changes. Typically, the slowest speed grades transition to production before faster speed grades.