Running Implementation in Steps - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2022.1 English

Vivado implementation consists of a number of smaller processes such as:

  • Opt Design (opt_design)
  • Power Opt Design (power_opt_design) (optional)
  • Place Design (place_design)
  • Post-Place Power Opt Design (power_opt_design) (optional)
  • Post-Place Phys Opt Design (phys_opt_design) (optional)
  • Route Design (route_design)
  • Post-Route Phys Opt Design (phys_opt_design) (optional)
  • Write Bitstream (write_bitstream) (all devices except Versal)
  • Write Device Image (write_device_image) (Versal devices)

The Vivado tools let you run implementation as a series of steps, rather than as a single process.