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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2022.1 English

The open_run command opens a previously completed synthesis or implementation run, then loads the in-memory design of the Vivado tools.

Important: The open_run command works in Project Mode only. Design runs are not supported in Non-Project Mode.

Use open_run before implementation on an RTL design to open a previously completed Vivado synthesis run then load the synthesized netlist into memory.

Tip: Because the in-memory design is updated automatically, you do not need to use open_run after synth_design. You need to use open_run only to open a previously completed synthesis run from an earlier design session.

The open_run command is for use with RTL designs only. To open a netlist-based design, use link_design.

open_run Syntax

open_run [-name <arg>] [-quiet] [-verbose] <run>

open_run Example Script

# Open named design from completed synthesis run 
open_run -name synth_1 synth_1

The open_run example script opens a design (synth_1) into the Vivado tools memory from the completed synthesis run (also named synth_1).

If you use open_run while a design is already in memory, the Vivado tools prompt you to save any changes to the current design before opening the new design.