Sweep (Default) - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2022.1 English

Sweep removes load-less cells and unconnected nets and does other optimizations, such as the following:

  • Performs tie off on Macro Pins, flip-flop D pins
  • Replicates flip-flops driving multiple OBUFs
  • Based on feedback loop, updates with changes made to MMCM compensation attributes
  • If only one output is used, retargets dual port RAMs to single port
  • Optimizes SRLC32E/SRLC16E/ODDR/IDDR/CARRY4 cells for area (if possible)
  • Removes unused IDELAYCTRL and groups IOs to be controlled by optimal number of IDELAYCTRL
  • Inserts IBUFs and OBUFs to legalize connectivity for certain cells