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Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Logic Simulation

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2021.2 English

This Xilinx® Vivado® Design Suite tutorial provides designers with an in-depth introduction to the Vivado simulator.

Video: You can also learn more about the Vivado simulator by viewing the quick take video at Vivado Logic Simulation.
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The Vivado simulator is a Hardware Description Language (HDL) simulator that lets you perform behavioral, functional, and timing simulations for VHDL, Verilog, and mixed-language designs. The Vivado simulator environment includes the following key elements:

xvhdl and xvlog
Parsers for VHDL and Verilog files, respectively, that store the parsed files into an HDL library on disk.
HDL elaborator and linker command. For a given top-level unit, xelab loads up all sub-design units, translates the design units into executable code, and links the generated executable code with the simulation kernel to create an executable simulation snapshot.
Vivado simulation command that loads a simulation snapshot to effect a batch mode simulation, or a GUI or Tcl-based interactive simulation environment.
Vivado Integrated Design Environment (IDE)
An interactive design-editing environment that provides the simulator user-interface.