Concurrent Assertion - 2021.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Logic Simulation

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2021.2 English

This assertion is based on clock semantic and use sampled value of their expression. These assertions can expand over multiple cycle.

always@ (posedge clk)
    a1: assert property (a ##2 b);

a2: assert property (@(posedge clk) a ##2b);

In Vivado® simulator, the concurrent assertion of 2nd form that is used outside the procedural block is supported.

  1. In Tcl console, invoke close_sim command to close the simulation running previously.
  2. In Tcl console, invoke reset_simulation command to clean the simulation directory.
  3. In Tcl console, invoke launch_simulation command to run the simulation.
  4. In Tcl console, invoke the following command:
    current_scope /axi_vip_0__exdes_adv_mst_active_pt_mem__slv_passive/DUT/ex_design/axi_vip_passthrough/inst/IF/PC

  5. Double-click the scope PC to open the source code.
  6. Observe that line number 1144 onwards all the property declarations and assertions have been used.