AXI4-Stream Skid Mode - 1.3 English

Versal Devices Integrated 100G Multirate Ethernet MAC Subsystem Product Guide (PG314)

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1.3 English

When the TX AXI4-Stream interface is configured in the independent clock mode (ctl_tx_axis_cfg[0] = 1) field of the MODE_REG register, the AXI4-Stream output tx_axis_tskid_en_<N> becomes an almost full signal for the MRMAC ingress data FIFO.

The user logic can take advantage of this signal to simplify its egress data pipeline. The tx_axis_tskid_en signal can be viewed as an advanced warning that the AXI4-Stream TX interface is about to deassert its tx_axis_tready signal (which would mean the user logic would have to stall its pipeline on-the-fly and hold the data present on the bus until tready is re-asserted). The skid feature allows the user logic to deassert the tx_axis_tvalid signal within 0 to 3 cycles after the assertion of tx_axis_tskid_en to avoid tx_axis_tready from deasserting. It must re-assert tx_axis_tvalid within 0 to 3 cycles after tx_axis_tskid_en is deasserted.

Using tx_axis_skid_en in this aspect should prevent tx_axis_tready from deasserting. This alleviates the need for next-cycle response to tx_axis_tready typically required by the AXI4-Stream tx_axis_tready/tx_axis_tvalid handshake.

Note: This capability is not supported when the AXI4-Stream interface is in synchronous (Low latency) mode.