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Versal Devices Integrated 100G Multirate Ethernet MAC Subsystem Product Guide (PG314)

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1.3 English

The following table lists the clocks that are present in the MRMAC. Note that all datapath-related clocks are per-port. Although in certain operating modes, clocks are tied together internally and the lower-numbered port clock is used.

Table 1. Clocks
Clock Port Description
AXI4-Lite s_axi_clk AXI4-Lite processor interface clock.
AXI tx_axi_clk[2:0]


AXI4-Stream interface clocks. These clocks are used by the AXI4-Stream interface when in independent clock mode. They are also used by certain timestamping signals as well as a number of device statistics and flow control signals. The clocks are shared between two ports of the MRMAC. The tx_axi_clk[0] and rx_axi_clk[0] are shared between Ports 0 and 1, The tx_axi_clk[2] and rx_axi_clk[2] are shared between Ports 2 and 3.
core tx_core_clk[3:0]


Per-port high-speed clocks which drive the MRMAC internals.
serdes tx_serdes_clk[3:0]


Per-port high-speed clocks for the GT interface.
Ts tx_ts_clk[3:0]


Per-port clocks for the timestamp interface.
Flexif tx_flexif_clk[3:0]


Per-port Flex I/F clocks.
alt_serdes tx_alt_serdes_clk[3:0]


Per-port Alternate low-frequency clock for the GT interface.