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Video Warp Processor LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG396)

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1.0 English

The Warp Filter must be configured correctly to operate properly. There should be sufficient memory bandwidth available for this core to function properly. The bandwidth needed (in MB/s) for a memory layer can be calculated with the following equation:

S (Bandwidth required for source image read(MB/s)) = fps × height × stride
D (Bandwidth required for destination image write(MB/s)) = fps × height × stride
R (Bandwidth required for filter parameters read(MB/s)) = fps × height × width × 4
Total bandwidth required(MB/s) = S + D + R

Where, 'fps' is the number of frames per second the IP is operating, 'height' is the height in lines of the image, and 'stride' is the stride in bytes of the image.

Note: Above number is approximate bandwidth requirement. The actual bandwidth requirement varies with the distortion parameters.

For example for a 3840x2160@60 RGB 12-bit video, the bandwidth requirement is calculated as follows:

S = 60 x 2160 x 3840 x 5

D = 60 x 2160 x 3840 x 5

R = 60 x 2160 x 3840 x 4

Total bandwidth required = ~7 GB/s