AXI4-Lite Control Interface - 1.0 English

Video Warp Processor LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG396)

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1.0 English

The AXI4-Lite interface allows you to dynamically control the parameters within the core. The configuration can be accomplished using an AXI4-Lite master state machine or an embedded Arm® or soft system processor such as the MicroBlaze™ processor. The Warp Processor can be controlled through the AXI4-Lite interface using the driver functions provided in the Vitis™ software platform. To understand how to create a Vitis Application Project and how to use driver APIs, refer to Example Design and Application Software Development. The following table shows the AXI4-Lite control interface signals.

This interface runs at the ap_clk clock.

Table 1. AXI4-LiteControl Interface Signals
Signal Name I/O Width Description
s_axi_ctrl_aresetn I 1 Reset
s_axi_ctrl_aclk I 1 Clock
s_axi_ctrl_awaddr I 18 Write Address
s_axi_ctrl_awprot I 3 Write Address Protection
s_axi_ctrl_awvalid I 1 Write Address Valid
s_axi_ctrl_awready O 1 Write Address Ready
s_axi_ctrl_wdata I 32 Write Data
s_axi_ctrl_wstrb I 4 Write Data Strobe
s_axi_ctrl_wvalid I 1 Write Data Valid
s_axi_ctrl_wready O 1 Write Data Ready
s_axi_ctr_bresp O 2 Write Response
s_axi_ctrl_bvalid O 1 Write Response Valid
s_axi_ctrl_bready I 1 Write Response Ready
s_axi_ctrl_araddr I 18 Read Address
s_axi_ctrl_arprot I 3 Read Address Protection
s_axi_ctrl_arvalid I 1 Read Address Valid
s_axi_ctrl_aready O 1 Read Address Ready
s_axi_ctrl_rdata O 32 Read Data
s_axi_ctrl_rresp O 2 Read Data Response
s_axi_ctrl_rvalid O 1 Read Data Valid
s_axi_ctrl_rready 1 1 Read Data Ready