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Video Warp Processor LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG396)

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The Xilinx® LogiCore IP Video Warp Processor supports real-time distortions types such as barrel, pincushion, keystone, as well as an arbitrary distortion mode. Image rotation, translation and scaling is also supported with this core. The transformations available in this core allow users to manipulate real time video to accommodate distortions caused by optical transformations due to lenses, or physical transformations due to projections onto surfaces from angles, or irregular geometries.

Figure 1. Overview of image and video transforms in the Video Warp Processor

The core is aimed at applications requiring image correction, such as automotive surround view cameras, medical endoscopy, video conferencing and surveillance systems. It is also aimed at display applications, from projectors used in entertainment and simulation, to creative displays used in digital signage.

The Warp Processor consists of two IP blocks - Warp Initializer and Warp Filter. The Warp Initializer IP considers the warping parameters as an input and writes intermediate parameters called 'Warp Filter Parameters' to the external memory. The Warp Filter IP reads the 'Warp Filter Parameters' and the image data from the external memory and performs distortion interpolation to reconstruct the output image. The Filter IP writes back the output image to the external memory controller.