Design Validation

Digital Down-conversion Chain Implementation on AI Engine (XAPP1351)

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MATLABĀ® scripts are used to generate random test vectors as inputs and corresponding reference outputs. The completed AI Engine design is validated against the MATLAB reference model to confirm the correct behavior. For the DDC design, there are 32 output AXI streams for 32 antennas. A make file script is included in the reference design to compare all the outputs of the AI Engine SystemC simulation results with the golden test vectors generated by MATLAB. Figure 1 (a) and Figure 2 (a) show the bit-accurate comparison of the SystemC simulation and the reference MATLAB model of the example design, where the outputs bit-true match those of the reference model.

Figure 1. 1c 100 MHz 5G NR Result
Figure 2. 5c LTE 20 MHz Result