Features - 1.0 English

DPUCAHX8L for Convolutional Neural Networks Product Guide (PG366)

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1.0 English
  • Supports one AXI slave interface for accessing configuration and status registers.
  • Supports one AXI master interface for loading instructions.
  • Supports two AXI master read interface for input feature-map and model parameters loading.
  • Supports one AXI master write interface for feature map output.
  • Supports eight AXI master interfaces for DPUCAHX8L operation with virtual data banks in the HBM.
  • DPU functionality includes the following:
    • Configurable depthwise convolution engines
    • Convolution and deconvolution
    • Depthwise convolution
    • Maximum and average pooling
    • ReLU and ReLU6
    • Data split
    • Concat
    • Elementwise-sum
    • Dilation
    • Data reorganization
    • Fully connected layer
    • Batch normalization