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DPUCAHX8L for Convolutional Neural Networks Product Guide (PG366)

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1.0 English
The .xo (AMD object) file is a format of IP that can be used by the Shell in the Vitis flow. DPU IP files are released as .xo files.
  1. cd to the path: DPUCAHX8L_xo_gen_flow.
  2. Refer Makefile to generate the DPU .xo files with required options.Download the DPUCAHX8L_xo_gen_flow.tar package to generate the DPU xo files. The package includes DPU related encrypted RTL and timing constrain files.
    make help: 
      release_DPUCAHX8L_A_xo : DPUCAHX8L_A xo file release 
      release_DPUCAHX8L_B_xo : DPUCAHX8L_B xo file release 

Download the DPUCAHX8L_xo_gen_flow.tar package to generate the DPU xoThe differences between DPUCAHX8L_A and DPUCAHX8L_B are as follows:

  • They use different memory banks of HBM as their virtual bank. DPUCAH8XL_A used 0-2 GB and DPUCAH8XL_B uses 2-4 GB.
  • regslices insert is different because the location of SLRs is different in the DPUs.

The interface of the DPU xo is as following figure:

Figure 1. DPU xo Block