Overlay ID (0x0028) Register - 8.2 English

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8.2 English

The Overlay ID register controls the overlay pattern on top of background pattern (100% opaque).

This register controls which overlay patterns based on the following values:

0x0 - No overlay pattern.

0x1 - Enables a moving box to be drawn over the video output. This option is dependent on the box size, Box Color R and Y, Box Color G and U, and Box Color B and V registers.

0x2 - Draws cross hairs one pixel in width on the output of the video. This feature depends on the cross hair horizontal and cross hair vertical register.

The Overlay ID register takes effects only when the Foreground Patterns parameter is enabled when customizing IP. If Foreground Patterns is disabled, no foreground pattern appears regardless of which pattern is selected in Overlay ID register.