Guidelines on Driving s_axis_video_tvalid - 8.2 English

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8.2 English

Once s_axis_video_tvalid is asserted, no interface signals (except the TPG core driving s_axis_video_tready ) may change value until the transaction completes ( s_axis_video_tready , s_axis_video_tvalid, and AP_RST_N are high on the rising edge of AP_CLK ). Once asserted, s_axis_video_tvalid may only be deasserted after a transaction has completed. Transactions may not be retracted or aborted. In any cycle following a transaction, s_axis_video_tvalid can either be deasserted or remain asserted to initiate a new transfer.

Figure 2-7: Example of READY/VALID Handshake, Start of a New Frame

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