Using CIPS GUI to Configure CPM-CCIX

Versal ACAP CPM CCIX Architecture Manual (AM016)

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This section provides an overview of the Control, Interfaces and Processing System (CIPS) IP core. CIPS is used to configure the CPM-CCIX subsystem. You can enable CCIX mode for PCIe controllers and other CPM interfaces in the main CPM configuration page.

Figure 1. CIPS CPM Configuration
EDR mode can be selected in PCIe configuration windows. For agent configuration:
  • CCIX-RA can be enabled and for RA0, L2 can be bypassed based on selection.
  • CCIX-HA can be enabled (up to 2 home agents) and in the memory region table, various memory pools can be selected along with memory types and attributes.
    • When Vivado wizard assigns addresses, the local base address should be populated
Figure 2. CIPS CCIX Configuration (Agents Configuration - 1)
For slave agent selection similar options (like HA) apply except that RA cannot be enabled at the same time as SA.
Figure 3. CIPS CCIX Configuration (Agents Configuration - 2)
This programming via wizard generates relevant programming details (as configuration data object (CDO) files) to be used by the platform loader and manager (PLM).