Versal ACAP CPM CCIX Architecture Manual (AM016)

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Debug Trace capabilities of CMN includes:
  • Watch point initiated transaction tracing
  • CHI trace tag generation
  • CoreSight ATB trace streaming
  • Configuration register access to trace data
  • Cross trigger support
  • Secure debug support
  • Event based interrupts

The CMN debug system consists of a set of debug trace monitors (DTMs) and debug trace controllers (DTCs) distributed across the mesh network. The CMN in CPM has 1 DTM instance located in each XP and 1 central DTC that is part of the HN-D component. All the DTMs collect the trace data and send it to the DTC. The trace packets can be accessed via control registers at the DTMs. The trace packets can also be streamed from the DTC over the ATB interface to the CPM SoC Debug block.

The CMN also includes Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) capabilities. The PMU unit includes local and global counters that can be set up to monitor several types of events.