Loop Pipeline - 2024.1 English

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2024.1 English

Config Compile

  1. Select the Compile category on the left side of the Config File Editor.

  2. Locate the compile.pipeline_loops option and set it to 5.

This indicates that the tool should automatically unroll loops with six iterations or more. The default setting is 64.

  1. Change the view of the Config Editor to the Source Editor by selecting the icon at the top of the editor window.

Config Toolbar

This lets you examine and edit the hls_config.cfg as a text file file rather than through the GUI. Notice the addition of the syn.compile.pipeline_loops=5 command in the config file.

  1. In the Flow Navigator click the Run command under C Synthesis to rerun with the new directive.

  2. Examine the updated reports to see if there is any performance improvement.

If any of the reports are opened when the tool regenerates them you will see an out-of-date notice appear in the open report. You will need to close the report and then reopen it.

Report Out-of-Date