Clone Component for Design Exploration - 2024.1 English

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2024.1 English

The Vitis Components Explorer provides the Clone Component command, which lets you create a new component based on the current state and configuration of an existing component. The clone does not include prior results or reports. The cloned component also does not include the source code unless it was imported into the original HLS component when it was created. This means that any design changes to the cloned component must be added as directives to the config file rather than as pragmas to the source code in order to observe differences from the original component.

Clone Dataflow

  1. Right-click the dct component in the Vitis Components Explorer and select Clone Component.

You can specify a new component name to create a clone of the selected component, dct-dataflow in this example.

  1. After specifying a name, select OK to clone the component.

TIP: The rule of thumb here would be to clone a component before embarking on some optimization experiment and make your changes in the clone.