Notes - 2021.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Programming and Debugging

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2021.2 English
  1. As mentioned in Assumptions, IBERT PS-GTR uses the psu_cortexr5_0 core, so no other applications should use this core.
  2. TCM0 and TCM1 memory are combined to form a unified memory for IBERT PS-GTR. Any other processor core should not access this memory while IBERT PS-GTR is running.
  3. The error counter is 16 bits and the sample counter is 32 bits. Each sample can have 8 bits of error count. Therefore on the edges, the error counter can saturate with a sample count value of 8192. PS-GTR does not stop the sample counter even if the error counter saturates. A prescale=0 produces 8192 samples and thus a total samples of 8192 *8 (65536) and thus the outside edges of eye could show a BER of e-01 or less depending on the prescale selected.
  4. The EyeScan assumes there is link present. If there is no link, the EyeScan may not complete. Canceling the EyeScan stops the command sequence, but the state of the previous point scan will be unknown.
  5. If you run EyeScan and because of no link the EyeScan does not complete, set the register L*_TM_MISC_ST_0.EYE_SURF_RUN to 0 for the given lane before you run the EyeScan again.
  6. If you run EyeScan on a lane that is either powered down or Display Port, it will immediately stop and the scan will be marked as incomplete. EyeScan will not work in either scenario.