Non-Integer Data Recovery Unit (XAPP1362)

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Contemporary applications require transceivers that can operate over a wide range of input data rates. Transceivers have a native operational data rate that prevents easy interfacing to low-speed client signals. For example, the GTM transceiver in the Versal™ ACAP has a lower operating line rate of 10.3 Gbit/s. Also, SelectIOs cannot usually recover data from a serial line. The non-integer data recovery unit (NIDRU) described in this application note extends the lower data rate limit to 0 Mb/s and allows SelectIOs to operate as clock and data recovery units. The NIDRU operational settings (data rate, jitter bandwidth, input PPM range, and jitter peaking) are dynamically programmable, avoiding the need for bitstream reload or partial reconfiguration. At any time, without affecting the data traffic, a live horizontal eye scan can be performed to measure the eye width as seen by the NIDRU.

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