Fast Partial Reconfiguration Over PCI Express (XAPP1338)

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Create the sample design project within the Vivado 2018.1 (or newer) IDE.

  1. In the Vivado IDE, start a new session in GUI or Tcl mode.
  2. From the command prompt, set one of the following boards to be the target:
    • set board "vcu118"
    • set board "kcu116"
    If you do not set the target board, the KCU116 board is used by default. This option can also be set directly in the creation script.
  3. Launch the creation script:
    • source PR_over_PCIe_project.tcl
    When this script is completed, the full project will be ready to synthesize and implement.
  4. If the script was launched in Tcl mode, open the Vivado IDE to see the full project:
    • start_gui
  5. Expand the design hierarchy in the Sources window to see the overall structure of the design.

    Note: The diamond icon next to inst_shift indicates that it is a Reconfigurable Partition.

This design has a simple reconfigurable function of shifting LEDs on the demo board. This part of the design is kept simple so it compiles quickly and focuses the attention on the bitstream delivery details. The sample design is delivered with two Reconfigurable Modules:

  • shift_left
  • shift_right