ILA Parameters - 1.2 English

Integrated Logic Analyzer (ILA) with AXI4-Stream Interface LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG357)

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1.2 English
Table 1. ILA Parameters
Parameter Allowable Values Default Values Description
Component_Name String with A–Z, 0–9, and _ (underscore) ila_0 Name of instantiated component.
C_NUM_OF_PROBES 1–1024 1 Number of ILA probe ports.
C_MEMORY_TYPE 0, 1 0 Storage target for the data captured. 0 corresponds to block RAM and 1 corresponds to UltraRAM.
C_DATA_DEPTH 1,024, 2,048, 4,096, 8,192, 16,384, 32,768, 65,536, 131,072 1,024 Probe storage buffer depth. This number represents the maximum number of samples that can be stored at run time for each probe input.
C_PROBE<n>_WIDTH 1–1024 1 Width of probe port <n>. Where <n> is the probe port having a value from 0 to 1,023.
C_TRIGOUT_EN True/False FALSE Enables the trig out functionality. Ports trig_out and trig_out_ack are used.
C_TRIGIN_EN True/False FALSE Enables the trig in functionality. Ports trig_in and trig_in_ack are used.
C_INPUT_PIPE_STAGES 0–6 0 Add extra flops to the probe ports. One parameter applies to all of the probe ports.
ALL_PROBE_SAME_MU True/False TRUE This forces the same compare value units (match units) to all of the probes.
C_PROBE<n>_MU_CNT 1–16 1 Number of Compare Value (Match) units per probe. This is valid only if ALL_PROBE_SAME_MU is FALSE.
C_PROBE<n>_TYPE DATA and TRIGGER, TRIGGER, DATA DATA and TRIGGER To choose a selected probe for specifying trigger condition or for data storage purpose or for both.
C_ADV_TRIGGER True/False FALSE Enables the advance trigger option. This enables trigger state machine and you can write your own trigger sequence in Vivado Logic Analyzer.
C_NUM_MONITOR_SLOTS 1-11 1 Number of Interface Slots.
  1. The maximum number of compare value (match) units is limited to 1,024. For the basic trigger (C_ADV_TRIGGER = FALSE), each probe has one compare value unit (as in the earlier version). But for the advance trigger option (C_ADV_TRIGGER = TRUE), this means the individual probes can still have possible selection of number of compare values units from one to four. But all compare value units should not exceed more than 1,024. This means, if you need four compare units per probe then you are allowed to use only 256 probes.