SMID Removal - 1.0 English

AXI Sideband Formatter Utility LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG307)

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1.0 English

When the AXI awuser and aruser signals are being used to carry other information in addition to SMID transport, the AXI Sideband Formatter Utility IP core restores the original value when the SMID is extracted at the PS block interface. But if the user signal information also needs to go to destinations other than the PS block, the core can also be used to restore the original information without processing the SMID. By inserting an AXI Sideband Formatter Utility IP core in front of any AXI slave endpoint and configuring it to perform SMID removal, the IP will strip the SMID and propagate the original info to the slave.

For each AW or AR transfer, the SMID field is extracted from the low-order position of awuser or aruser and the remainder (if any) is right-shifted and propagated.