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AXI Sideband Formatter Utility LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG307)

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1.0 English
Figure 1. Parity Functionality

The Parity Functionality figure shows the parity functionality of the core. When enabled, parity is either generated on the out-bound wuser or ruser signal or checked for errors against the in-bound data. The parameters SI_PARITY and MI_PARITY determine whether the core acts as a parity endpoint or whether it propagates parity information through while checking for errors.

AXI protocol does not define a dedicated parity signal to accompany its read and write data channels. If parity protection is wanted, the AXI ruser and wuser signals can transport one parity bit per byte of data. AXI masters can be designed to generate parity for their wdata output, and detect parity errors on their rdata inputs, based on parity bits transported on their wuser or ruser ports. Similarly, AXI slaves can generate parity for rdata outputs and detect parity for wdata inputs. When designing with masters or slaves that do not generate/detect parity on their own, the AXI Sideband Formatter Utility IP core can generate and detect parity on their behalf. By inserting the AXI Sideband Formatter Utility IP core adjacent to the masters and/or slaves, you can protect data transmissions across the interconnect topology, including the various storage elements along the pathway.