Using the Quick Estimate Wizard - 2022.1 English

Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide (UG440)

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2022.1 English

The Quick Estimate wizard populates the XPE sheets with information about your entire design, allowing XPE to perform a rough power estimate for the design. The Quick Estimate wizard is often used as the first step in specifying your design in XPE to determine its power requirements.

After you run this rough estimate using the Quick Estimate wizard, you can view the data the wizard entered, modify the spreadsheet entries the wizard created, and add entries of your own to describe your design more completely.

If you run the Quick Estimate wizard a second time, you will replace all the spreadsheet entries from the previous run with entries from the current run. The following manuals will help you supply information to the Quick Estimate Wizard:

  • 7 Series FPGAs Memory Resources User Guide (UG473)
  • 7 Series FPGAs GTX/GTH Transceivers User Guide (UG476)
  • 7 Series FPGAs GTP Transceivers User Guide (UG482)
  • Zynq-7000 SoC and 7 series Devices Memory Interface Solutions (UG586)
  • UltraScale Architecture Configurable Logic Block User Guide (UG574)
  • UltraScale Architecture Memory Resources User Guide (UG573)
  • UltraScale Architecture GTH Transceivers User Guide (UG576)
  • UltraScale Architecture GTY Transceivers User Guide (UG578)

The Quick Estimate wizard can be started from the Summary sheet by clicking the Quick Estimate button.

  1. In the Summary sheet Using the Settings Panel specify the target part, including the Speed Grade and Temp Grade.
  2. On the Summary sheet, click the Quick Estimate button.

  3. In the XPE Quick Estimate dialog box, fill out the information in the dialog box for your design.

    The entries available in the dialog box depend on the Xilinx device in which you will implement your design.

  4. When you have filled out the values for your design, click OK.

    After a DRC (Design Rules Check) runs, the sheets in Xilinx® Power Estimator spreadsheet will be populated based on the values you entered, and XPE will estimate power for the design you specified.

Following are the fields in the XPE Quick estimate dialog box: