Using XPE Wizards - 2022.1 English

Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide (UG440)

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2022.1 English

The XPE wizards, available in the 7 series/ Zynq®-7000 SoC or UltraScale™ / UltraScale+™ device XPE spreadsheet, are simple interfaces to allow novice and expert users to quickly enter the important parameters required for an accurate power analysis of a design implemented in a Xilinx device. There are two types of XPE Wizards:

Quick Estimate wizard
The Quick Estimate wizard populates the XPE sheets with information about your entire design, allowing XPE to perform a rough power estimate for the design. The Quick Estimate wizard is often used as the first step in specifying your design in XPE to determine its power requirements.
IP Module wizards
The IP Module wizards extend XPE to allow you to easily populate the XPE spreadsheet with information about:
  • Various types of external memory interfaces (for example, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR2, QDR+, and RLDRAM).
  • Transceiver based interfaces (for example, 10GBASE-R, Interlaken, PCIe® , Aurora, and CPRI).
  • Block memory and distributed memory used in your design.