XPE Calculations and Results - 2021.2 English

Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide (UG440)

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2021.2 English

XPE uses your design and environmental input, then combines this information with the device data model to compute and present an estimated distribution of the power in the targeted device. XPE presents the following multiple views of the power distribution:

Power by Voltage Supplies
For each required voltage source, this information is useful to select and size power supply components, such as regulators. Supply power includes both off-chip and on-chip dissipated power.
Power by User Logic Resources
For each type of user logic in the design, XPE reports the expected power. This allows you to experiment with architecture, resources, and implementation trade-off choices to remain within the allotted power budget.
Thermal Power
XPE lets you enter device environment settings and reports thermal properties of the device for your application, such as the expected junction temperature. With this information you can evaluate the need for passive or active cooling for your design.

The Summary sheet in XPE shows the total power for the device. Other sheets show usage-based power. Leakage within the unused portion of the considered resource (if any) is not shown.

Important: In XPE, the power number cells are configured to display values with three decimal places (for example, 0.000). The rounding of numbers with three precision is based on Microsoft Excel behavior. Values less than 1mW are displayed as 0.000W. You can copy a cell and paste it into the User sheet to see the actual value with precision adjusted.